Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sailing Away from Winter - the book

In later posts, I'll list what's already been done since the book first appeared in the stores on December 12. Right now I just want to record what's coming up.

Today, January 28, I'm doing a reading and autographing session from 2:00 to 4:00 at Frog Hollow Books in Halifax. (I've already done similar sessions at Volume One Books in Port Hawkesbury, and at Village Florist in Tatamagouche.)

I've developed a pretty funny one-hour presentation, combining excerpts from the book with a short comic piece which is referred to in the book, but not printed there. Last week I delivered it at the Toronto International Boat Show, the second-largest show in North America.

I'll be doing the presentation at the Vancouver International Boat Show on February 7 and 8 at 6:00 PM and on February 9 at 2:00.

I'll be speaking at the Kelowna Yacht Club at 7:00 on February 10, and signing books at Mosaic Books in downtown Kelowna at 2:00 the following afternoon.

And I'll be at the Halifax International Boat Show February 16 at 5:30, February 17 at1:30, and February 18 at 1:00.


Rich Oljey said...

Hello Don, let me be the first to blog. I have ordered Sailing Away from Winter from Amazon and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. I only wish that you were doing some book signings in the states so that your one hour presentation could be seen here. I am sure that it is witty and funny.

For others who will read this blog, I have had the good fortune of visiting Don and his wife, Marjorie when I first visited D'Escousse, Nova Scotia and again shortly after my wife and I were married. We got to spend our honeymoon in the most beautiful oceanfront house that they had owned at that time. Don and Marjorie are gracious hosts and good people.

I read my first SDC book, Sterling Silver, a collection of short stories, before I met him for the first time. Since then, I've been hooked. I've read a few more of his works. I've exchanged a few emails with him. We agree to disagree on political issues. I read his column in the Halifax Herald regularly.

There, he shared stories of the trip described in Sailing Away from Winter. Having had a taste, I knew I had to get the book to follow Don, Marjorie and Leo the Wonder Whippet on their journey. Unless someone has bopped Don on the head and he has totally forgotten how to write, I expect to be thoroughly entertained. I will blog back after reading it.

Good luck, Don and say hello to Marjorie for me. I hope our paths cross again soon.

Sincerely, Rich

(the original) Susan Jones said...

Beautiful cover! can't wait to read.

Silver Donald said...

Cousin Rich! This was an unexpected pleasure. (Rich and I are both descended from Rene Houallet, who immigrated to Quebec, in 1660.)

Thanks for those lovely comments.