Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thumbs-up review from TREK, the UBC alumni magazine

Sailing Away From Winter

Silver Donald Cameron ba’60
Random House, $25.95

As a life long sailor, I am keenly aware of the lure of the sea, and as the years pass by, the narrowing of the window for adventure. Although, knowing what can go wrong on a mere weekend voyage, I am oftensceptical of the yarns spun by sailors; and their common tales of bliss at sea raise doubts in my mind.

Cameron’s book pulls the reader along on a well-written voyage
of discovery, self examination, trial (and a little error) and believable highlights. Thus, like a true sea voyage you share the good and the bad which combine to magnify the good, making it all the more valuable.

The reader can share in the exuberance of the author while he recounts their days in the sun during an often harrowing trip down the intercoastal water way from Cape Breton Island to the Bahamas. It is a great read for anyone who loves boats, cruises with theirspouse, understands dogs and is thinking of “one day” slipping the lines for warmer climes. Reviewed by Barney Ellis-Perry, ba’87.

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latimeri said...

The old age become skeptical, I have been there out quite long time now retired,yet I not heard the call of the the sea and the wind any more.Too many times I have fougth agaist that green beast, Thought my firt ship never stop her sailing in my mind,I am not longing to sea again. i feel agaist it very much the same as an old solder could feel agaist the war,though it is setled deep in mind with those recollection,your are hapy getting rid of it alive and never wish return there,